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Find Difference Between Fields

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Hi There! I’m looking to find the difference between two fields. Specifically, I have a field for who Registered for a meeting and a field for who actually Attended that meeting. I want to be able to see who Registered but did not attend OR who Attended but did not register. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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in your output field, do you want results like, ‘Attended and Registered’, ‘Only Attended’, and ‘Only Registered’?

If so you’ll want to do something like =if(AND({Attendance}=“yes”,{Registered}=“yes”),“Attended and Registered”,if({Attendance}=“yes”,“Only Attended”,“Only registered”))

I may have forgotten a parenthesis, but basically this is probably the type of IF() and AND() structure you would need.

Thank you for this and I’m sure it would work but it looks a bit greek to me. I’m very new to AirTable. Where would I add this “code”? Thank you!!