Find records with date field equal to now not working

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

So I am attempting to use the api (via the npm client) to find records that are now or in the past, then perform an action, and mark them as complete (mark completed column as true). Select is as follows:

view: 'Scheduled',
filterByFormula: `DATETIME_DIFF({Game Start}, NOW(), 'minutes') <= 0`,

The formula works fine for records in the past, but not for when the times are equal. For instance, if it is 8:25am and the ‘Game Start’ is also 8:25am, it is not coming back as a result, but when it is ran at 8:30am, it does return as a result. Not sure if it’s a timezone difference, formula issues, or what.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

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