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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a base with quite a bit of Korean names in it. As the names often have a few different ways of romanization I have a field for alternative romanized spellings; {Alternative Spelling(-s)}. What complicates it further is that each romaization can be formated in three ways.

Format 1: Name with only spaces, e.g. Park Bo Young
Format 2: Name with a hyphen in the second ‘space position’, e.g. Park Bo-Young
Format 3: Name with space only between first and last name, e.g. Park Boyoung

I need to be able to search by any of these format versions and thereby need them all listed in a field.

Today I do this manually, but I figure there’s a way of doing this with a formula with possibly some regex in there. It’s above my current knowledge to 1) figure out the best path to do this and 2) get all the wrappings and or syntaxes in the right position, so I seek help figuring this one out.

Each alternative spelling is always separated with ;

I need a formula that takes each name separated by ; in the {Alternative Spelling(-s)} field and outputs the three format versions of each of those names, separated by ;.


I would like it to take this line
Park Bo Young; Bak Bo Yeong; Park Bo Yeoung; Bak Bo Young

and output it as
Park Bo Young; Park Bo-Young; Park Boyoung; Bak Bo Yeong; Bak Bo-Yeong; Bak Boyeong; Park Bo Yeoung; Park Bo-Yeoung; Park Boyeoung; Bak Bo Young; Bak Bo-Young; Bak Boyoung

Thank you for any and all help you are able and willing to provide.

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