Formula for curve between 2 dates?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

We run a charity vege farm. I'm building a crop planning tool. 
For planning, a couple of pieces of key information about a crop are:
-Number of weeks from Sowing in the nursery to Transplant (Weeks to transplant - WtT)
-Number of weeks from Transplant to Harvest (Weeks to Harvest - WtH)

I use this info to predict how long a crop will be in a part of the farm for, and planning to ensure we have the right amount to harvest at different times of the year.

In summer, a crop like lettuce may have a WtT of 3 weeks and WtH of 6 weeks. In the middle of winter, that may be more like WtT of 5 and WtH of 10.

There is a whole spectrum in between those dates!

How would one write a formula for WtT and WtH to be adjusted according to the date of the year? There are input fields for "sowing" and "transplant" which would act as the date to adjust WtT and WtH for.

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