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Formula Help, please

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This is for a registration DB

Column 1 - Order Amount (this is a currency format)
Column 2 - Amount Paid (currency format)
Column 3 - Balance Due (formula with 1-2, formated as currency)
Column 4 - Scholarship? (checkbox - if family got a scholarship then all fees are waived and this box is checked)
Column 5 - I want this to say 1 of 3 things: If Column 3 is $0.00, then “Complete”, if Column 3 is anything greater than $0.00 AND Column 4 is not checked, then “Pending”, but it if is checked, then “Scholarship”


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There are several ways this could be written. This is perhaps the briefest but by no means the most immediately comprehensible:

    {Column 3},
        {Column 4},

This takes advantage of Airtable’s equating of zero values, unchecked check boxes, and Boolean ‘false’. Essentially, it means


  • {Column 3} is not equal to $0.00 and {Column 4} is checked,
    return the word 'Scholarship'.
  • Otherwise, if {Column 3} is not equal to $0.00 and {Column 4} is not checked,
    return the word 'Pending'.
  • Otherwise, if {Column 3} is equal to $0.00,
    return the word 'Complete'.

Dag! That’s awesome - thank you!