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Formula help to match partial email addresses to persona

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Hi. I’m new to airtable, and fairly new to formulas. I’m trying to build a formula that looks at the part of an email domain and based on if a specific word exists or not, enter the persona into another field.

Fields are EMAIL and PERSONA
If the EMAIL domain is and I’m checking if the domain contains “company” I then want to have the PERSONA be “employee”. If it does not contain “company” I want the PERSONA to be “customer”

So far this is what I have IF((FIND(“company”,{Email Domain}) >=1)“Employee”, “Customer”)

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You were close:

IF( FIND("company",{Email Domain}) > 0, "Employee","Customer")

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You were close:

IF( FIND("company",{Email Domain}) > 0, "Employee","Customer")

Thank you! You solved my problem. Life is good :slightly_smiling_face:

Realized I had a typo. Make sure you’re doing > not >=