Formula or Automation to change the value of a Single Select field

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4 - Data Explorer

I have the following formula field that works perfectly to set the Expiry Status.
The problem with having a text Expiry Status is that I cannot use it for KANBAN views (and also it does not show in cool colors!).

If I had a single select field for Expiry Status, would there be a way to have a formula that can change the value of the single select field instead of the formula that outputs the status as text?

If not with a formula, is there a way for Automation to change the value of a single select field based on the logic I am using in the formula?

The formula for the Expiry Status field:
IF({Months for expiry}=BLANK() ,BLANK()
,IF({Months for expiry}>24
,“More than 2 years valid”
,IF({Months for expiry}>12
,“Less than 2 years valid”
,IF({Months for expiry}>6
,“Less than 1 year valid”
,IF({Months for expiry}>3
,“Less than 6 months valid”
,IF({Months for expiry}<0
,“Less than 3 months valid”

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You can use a combination of your formula field and an automation to set the single select value.

The trigger for the automation can be a bit tricky depending on if you want the single select to always be in sync or only under certain conditions.

However, the action is simple. Use an update record action, and update the single select value with the formula value.

Thank you Kuovonne.

What I understood from your advice is to build an automation that uses a trigger based on the same logic as my formula and the action is the update record action to update the single select field.

Sounds like a simple plan… will be interesting to learn how to do this. I will surely keep you posted on this thread!