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Formula - sum of fields

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I have 10 fields in a table, and some contain numbers and the others either a letter or a symbol, in the same table I would like to have another field that sums up the values of the numbers only in that record. Is there a simple way/formula to do this?
Does Airtable have an equivalent formula to excel’s SUMPRODUCT & ISNUMBER?

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You can try a formula like:

  VALUE({Field 1}),
  VALUE({Field 2}),
  VALUE({Field 3})

If that doesn’t work, can you post a screenshot of some sample data?

This is perfect, thanks

Hello Kamille,
Another question, here is a simple base Airtable - Grid view
I would like to create 3 separate fields, one that counts up the number of DOTS in the 6 fields, one that counts the number of Ws in the 6 fields and one that counts the number of WKTS in the 6 fields.
What formula would I use for that please?

Declarative statements like {Field Name = “value” will return a 1 if true and a 0 if false. So:

  {Field 1} = "W",
  {Field 2} = "W",
  {Field 3} = "W"

^ use the same idea for DOTS and WKTS.

Thank you very much. One final formula question, if I have 20.3 as a number in a field, how can I extract the 20 and then the 0.3? It’s a weird question I know but I this is what I am looking to do for a specific calculation requirement for cricket