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Formula Tips for Other Users

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For us newbies, is there a place where users are posting tips and techniques?

For example, I finally came up with a formula to determine someone’s age if you have their date of birth.

DATETIME_DIFF({D.O.B.}, TODAY(), “days”) / (-365)

Anyway, just thinking that there are a lot of experiences users who might want to share their own tips.

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Me, again. Actually, that formula doesn’t exactly work because of leap years. You’d think dividing by 365.24 (the exact length of a year in days) would do the trick, but rounding doesn’t work when the birthday is just a day or two before/after the current date. So, who has the formula to determine a person’s age, knowing their date-of-birth?

I think this will do what you want:

DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {D.O.B.}, “years”)

Good idea about a place for tips & techniques, I’ll pass it along!

Kasra, Well, of course. I wonder why I missed this obvious (now) solution.