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Formula to Add Amazon Affiliate Tag to Amazon Product URL

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Hello All,

In one of the columns in my Airtable, I would like add my Amazon affiliate link to the Amazon Product URLs so when the product is integrated to my website, selection of this product will have my Amazon tag in the URL. I am having trouble with a formula to create the new URL. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Sounds like you want to concatenate two text strings together: the original URL and your affiliate info. Do you have the original URL stored in a field? Do you know what the end result should look like?

There are two ways to concatenate text in Airtable formulas: the CONCATENATE() function, and the & operator. 

You might want something like this. (I don’t know the exact format. This is to show you how concatenate works in Airtable.)

{URL} & "?tag=ID"

Thank you very much I really appreciate your feedback! I was able to successfully combine the two however, I have a question. When I click on the new URL and it takes me to the product, I notice my tag is in the web address initially, then it disappears after the page loads. Would you have any idea why this would happen? Does this mean that it's not working correctly?