Formula to display change in status (activity) from previous to now

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a live integration set up from Airtable to Power BI to display sales data. The reporting is shown at a cadence of every two weeks. Certain records may change in status in the gap of the two weeks - and I want to be able to show what has changed in status and $ associated with that record. In order to determine what has changed from initial creation I have created the following fields:

  1. Created on (Returns date of creation of record)
  2. Modified Time ( Returns date of modification of specific field of status)
  3. Changed/No Changed formula field that returns “Changed” or Not Changed based on whether modified time date is greater then created on

I am trying to create a activity field and want to write a formula that returns what that status actually changed from. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Hello @Vasishta_Monavarty!

A simple way to do accomplish what you are looking to do could be to create two columns tracking the dollar amount associated with a record (so you’d have reference of what the initial dollar amount was).

Then you could create a third column with a formula to calculate the difference between the current and initial prices:

A more versatile way you could accomplish this would be to utilize Airtable Automations using the update record action. You could set up an automation so that whenever an existing record is updated it will update the both the fields indicating that the record has changed and by how much.

I hope that helps-- but please let me know if you have any further questions!