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Getting Formula to Run only if cell not blank

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I’m trying to get a formula to run only when the cell has a value.

I work with hotels, so we send out weekly summaries of the entertainment scheduled for that week. I am creating a column that will automatically pull out the specific location (Venue) within that hotel where the performance is taking place.

This is the formula I am currently using (which works):

CONCATENATE("| ", {Venue (from Venue)})

Not all hotels have a specific venue name for the performance location. If the “Venue (from Venue)” field is blank, I would like to make it so this formula doesn’t even run.

I did some reading in the forums and tried the below formula (amongst others), but it isn’t working.

IF({Venue (from Venue)} = BLANK(), BLANK(), CONCATENATE("| ", {Venue (from Venue)})

Can someone help me? Thanks!

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Hi Lowell. Have you tried…

IF({Venue (from Venue)}, CONCATENATE("| ", {Venue (from Venue)}))

This works. Thank you!