Heavy equipment location update when a transport order is created

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I am new to airtable, and been trying with no results to update a heavy equipment fleet location when in a different table I create a record that moves a piece of the fleet from jobsite A to jobsite B, could anyone point me in the right direction…thanks.

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Welcome to Airtable ! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you could share a screenshot of your tables we can help you better.

Basically, what you want to do is Link the trucks between both tables, then you can create a new single select field (lets call it Current Locations). Once you choose Current Location in this single select, make sure you remove it from the previous entry though. You can then Lookup the value using the condition that the single select is Last Location.

Of course if you are worried you would forget to remove it from the previous entry, you can always make a small script that replaces the value for you. Better yet, a script can get the value of the last location to the other table directly.


Hi Mohamed,

I attached screenshot the two tables I am working with, essentially what I need is to go in equipment relocation table an select “origin”, “destination” and “Equipment to move” from the correspondent linked tables to generate a relocation record for a piece of equipment, once this is done, the “current location” of the relocated equipment on Equipment table should be updated to the last destination accordingly.

I use this system to generate transport orders and to know where my pieces of equipment are.

I tried using the single select field as you mentioned but I am missing something because could not put to work.

Best regards,


equipment list.png

equipment relocation.png

What you are using now is the Single Line field not the single select :slightly_smiling_face:

You can then create a new field in the equipment table that is a rollup with the condition of Last Location.

I can´t use a single select field for locations because there are to many, and many times I rent a machine I create a new one, so I have a table just for locations.

What I actually mean is call the single select field Last Location so that you know that this is the last location for the machine, then you can lookup in the other field using this single select.

Alternatively, you can can create a Rollup that rolls the Max date (which is the newest date) and create another rollup or lookup with an IF statement that checks for this date and returns the last entry. You can find more details about that in this post.


Hey Mohamed.

How do you do a rollup or lookup with an if statement, I have been trying with no results. Could you point me in the right direction. Tks.


Juan Restrepo