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Hi all!

I am trying to create a master calendar with two categories: 1) reminders on when to contact someone and 2) program application deadlines, which are in two separate tables.

My approach to consolidating these is to create a new table called Master Calendar where records are automatically created based on conditions about the other tables. I’ve run into an issue with the second category, app deadlines.

For the program app deadlines, I created an automation that adds creates a new record with the program and deadline in two columns in the master calendar table. The issue here is that the date that appears in deadline column of the master calendar table is the date the record was created, not the deadline.

The automation I used is: when deadline column is not empty in Table A → create a record in master calendar with fields → Program Name (Table A) = Name (Master Calendar) and Deadline (Table A) = Deadline (Master Calendar).

It may be important to note that I’m pulling automation for both categories into the same two columns. So the Master Calendar table only has two columns where records from the two tables are consolidated.

If anyone knows how to resolve that’d be super helpful!!

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This isn’t a direct answer to your question, but this app — which coincidentally also goes by the name Master Calendar — might be of use to you:

Hi Scott - thanks for this! I saw it too but can’t use because it’s for pro accounts only.

Sorry you can’t make use of my app. To solve your issue by using a consolidation table, it would help if you posted some screenshots so we can see where the issue is in your setup.