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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am trying to create a formula with this information:

 If a person who booked the reservation was 2 then it should apply the formula if it was anyone other number then the field should be blank or 0.

- I have created a field for booked by and put number per person 

- I have created another field that has : 

IF({Booked By} =2, "Yes", "No") so this part works ok 
- I have created a 3rd field that has:
{Points Paid} * 0.04  
This works ok
So what I am unable to do is say - If booked by is 2 then apply the formula (at the moment the formula inserts for every number not just 2).....
I hope I am making sense.
Any help would be great as I am stumped. Maybe there is a shorter amount of steps to get to where I want to be!
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This should do what you need:

  {Booked By} = 2, 
  {Points Paid} * 0.04

Thank you so much, it did. I feel so dumb with these formulas, I don't use them enough to ever get deep enough into figuring them out.

So now I am going wild and want to elaborate on this, I have added more possibilities to -

  {Booked By} = 2, 
  {Points Paid} * 0.04

I want to put a few so

IF booked by 2  points paid is 0.04 OR

IF booked by 1 points paid is 0.03 OR

IF booked by 0 points paid is 0.00 

How can I add on, have tried what I think but they just give errors. Thanks in advance.