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4 - Data Explorer

Some help with lookups appreciated. We deliver courses and have a table (A) where participants info is collected, like the name of the course they will follow. (f.e. ‘Photoshop Basis’) We also have a table (B) where the info of the course is seated, like the price of the particular course. Now we want to show in table (A) the price of the particular course so the participant can get an invoice with the right price. How to do that? We need some sort of lookup function for the course name and then return the price-field. Thanks for helping.

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10 - Mercury

Hi there! What is the field type in which you collect the name of the course in table A?

If it’s a linked record field, linked to table B, perfect! If not, I would either update your existing field or add a new field linked to table B.

Next, you can add a rollup field, point it at Table B through your linked record field containing the course names, then choose the field containing the price from table B.

Last, use the aggregate function


To sum the chosen course prices from table B and display them on table A.

I hope this helps!

Hello thanks for helping, but I cannot imagine that sum or rollup will do the job. I’ll show an example.Schermafbeelding 2021-05-02 om 18.57.55
At the end of this table (A) you see a column with the name of the course. These data come in from a form and Zapier. We also have a table (B) with more info of the courses like table (B).
Schermafbeelding 2021-05-02 om 19.01.56 . I guess what we need is a comparison between the names of the courses in table A and B. If they are the same (like Photoshop Basis), then the price value in table B (€ 575,-) has to be lookupped for and be shown in table A for the participant. Prices vary for different courses as you can see in table B. But we don’t need to add up prices.

I have found the solution by just making a link to the other table by course name. Didn’t know that Zapier can fill these linked fields, so now they show in blue. And after that showing the price as a lookup field was easy.

Schermafbeelding 2021-05-02 om 20.32.38

Thanks for helping.

Excellent! Apologies for my delayed response, but super glad to hear you have it working :slightly_smiling_face: