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Help with nested IF statements

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Hello! Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish:


  1. If {Inventory Arrived?} = ‘Inventory Arrived’ and HAS a date in {When did Inventory Land?} use that date.
  2. If {Inventory Arrived?} = ‘Inventory Arrived’ and DOESN’T have a date, use {Updated Estimated Delivery Date} date
  3. If {Inventory Arrived?} = ‘Inventory Not Arrived’, use {Updated Estimated Delivery Date}

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Rachael. From what you wrote, there are only two options for the answer you want - {When did Inventory Land?} or {Updated Estimated Delivery Date}. So, you could use…

IF(AND({Inventory Arrived?}='Inventory Arrived', {When did Inventory Land?}), 
       {When did Inventory Land?}, 
       {Updated Estimated Delivery Date})

Let us know if works the way you want. Good luck.