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Help with nested if

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I can not get this formula to work.... is it completely wrong or am I missing parathesis? 


IF({PMID}=“BathJR”,"Jason R",IF({PMID}=”BathSS”,“Stuart S",IF({PMID}=”BathBL”,“Brian L",IF({PMID}=”ODLBL”,“Brandon C",IF({PMID}=”WINBL”,“Evan V",IF({PMID}=”ODLJR,“Brandon C",IF({PMID}=”WINJR”,“Evan V"))))
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I count 7 IFs, so you should have 7 closed parentheses at the end, not 4. Also, sometimes Airtable can get snippy about not have a closing ‘value if false’ at the end of a bunch of nested IFs. If adding the extra parentheses doesn’t work, you may need to add that at the end. 

Having said that, this is a great candidate for a SWITCH instead of multiple nested IFs. 

SWITCH worked perfect - thank you!