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Hours remaining in the day

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How would I subtract a duration from the total number of hours in the day? For example, if I have a task that takes 6 hours, I’d like to set up a field that shows how many hours are left in the work day.

I’ve tried a few things but keep getting errors.


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can you post your formula that gives you the error?

Hi @E007 - if your hours in the day and hours worked are both “duration” fields, you can just take them away to get the remaining time:

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 11.37.33.png

The formula for “Remaining Time” in my example is:

{Hours in Day} - {Time Worked (Duration)}

You also have to set the format of the formula field to duration too:



A solution so simple and elegant yet I didn’t even see it. Thanks, Jonathan!

Thanks for being willing to help, Mike!