How can I use a number in a Single Select to Calcuate

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4 - Data Explorer

I would like to utilize a formula to calculate pricing that is contained within Single Select text.

One of my fields includes a Single Select drop down like this:
Heading: {Initial Program Cost}
325 for Massage (first 3 hours)

The next field includes a Single Select drop down like this:
Heading: {Additional Hourly Cost}
125 for Massage (each additional hour)

The next field includes a number:
Heading: {Additional Hours}

**I am looking for a formula that would calculate the total cost:
{Initial Program Cost} + {Additional Hourly Cost}*{Additional Hours}
I would appreciate any help!!!

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LEFT({Initial Program Cost},'FIND(' ',{Initial Program Cost})-1')+LEFT({Additional Hourly Cost},'FIND(' ',{Additional Hourly Cost})-1')*{Additional Hours}

Thank you! I tried this, based off of what you wrote, and it worked! Amazing!

(VALUE(LEFT({Initial Program Cost},FIND(" “,{Initial Program Cost})-1)))+((VALUE(LEFT({Additional Hourly Cost},FIND(” ",{Additional Hourly Cost})-1)))*{Additional Hours})