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How to make a deduction automatic but only once a week

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Im trying to figure out how to make the insurance deduction for my drivers automatic but only once a week when I run their payroll settlement.

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Hi @Dale
Would you be able to share how you have your data laid out or explain how you are running the payroll settlement?

Sure - how would the best way to do that be?

You can paste screenshots directly in the reply window here.

100% honest here - I dont know how to do that

My payroll is based on loads Delivered - my drivers are paid a percentage of the gross of each load then the monthly insurance cost is deducted weekly from the drivers settlement.

example - load pays $1000, Driver gets paid 80% or $800 the the weekly insurance is deducted from the sum of the loads for the week so lets say the driver portion is $1500 then we would deduct say $200 from that for the net to the driver to be $1300

Not a problem.

You have field that calculates the load pay (1000) and you just need a formula to deduct a set percent. Is it always 20% for everyone? or do you have a field that sets the deduction amount per person?

If the later is set up as

then this formula will deduct the percentage from the sub total

{Total Load}-{Total Load}*{Deduction amount}

I have the same basic formula as you have there, im needing a formula for how to make a deduction once a week instead out of every load

Ok that is good.

I am a little confused about how you are introducing time into the process.

Do you have a table of payroll that is linked to people and the workload? In that table are you rolling up the total loads over the week, and then deducting the insurance?

You can make the formula dependent upon a day of the week. Datetime_Format provides a way to get the ‘day of the week’.

So you could do this with something like IF(DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), 'dddd') = 'Thursday',{Total Load}-{Total Load}*{Deduction amount})

This should check if today is ‘Thursday’ and then provide the ‘Total Pay Out’. Replace ‘Thursday’ with whatever day of the week you want, and replace the payout formula with whatever you already have. Of course, the rest of the week it will show nothing.

Yes i do - and the roll up is what im trying to figure out how to set up

Ok thanks. Is it possible to do it on different days as I pay my guys at different times?

Yes. You’d need to nest your if statements. Remember that an if looks like IF(A is true, Do This, Otherwise do that). Your ‘Do This’, and your ‘Otherwise do that’ can be additional IF statements. So, you build the IF needed to test for your employee and the IF needed to test the day/show a payout.
Combine those, and then each of those can be nested (added) to the 3rd position of the next IF group.

So a general structure looks like this:

IF( Employee A, Payout A),
    IF( Employee B, Payout B),
        If( Employee C, Payout C)

And you’ll end up with something like this:

IF( {employee} = 'Joe', IF(DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), 'dddd') = 'Thursday',{Total Load}-{Total Load}*{Deduction amount}), IF( {employee} = 'John', IF(DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), 'dddd') = 'Friday',{Total Load}-{Total Load}*{Deduction amount}), IF( {employee} = 'Jacob', IF(DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), 'dddd') = 'Wednesday',{Total Load}-{Total Load}*{Deduction amount}))))

So my deduction is a set amount for each driver per weekly settlement - (example - bobs insurance is $250 per week then his settlement would be say $1000 minus the $250 = $750.00) the deduction is weekly out of the drivers total settlement.