How to make one record w/multiple recurring fields

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4 - Data Explorer

I run a cat sanctuary and I’m wanting to keep track of vet charges for each individual cat. So I would make a Table for Harry and then I would create a record with all the charges for a certain date. But can I actually do that? The way I’m looking at it now, I would have to create a separate record for each individual charge. Is there a way I can create one record for each invoice?

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10 - Mercury

Hi there @Bliss_Marsh!

Sounds like you’re thinking in the right direction :slightly_smiling_face: You will definitely need to create a separate record for each individual charge if you want it to be listed separately on an invoice.

Check out my example Invoices and Line Items Base:

This base demonstrates how to build an invoice with separate line items of varying quantities/costs. For your use case, you could equate the [Items] table to the [Services] you provide. I’d also assume you’d want to add a table for [Pets], and it would probably be linked to both the [Line Items] and [Customers] table (this is assuming that a [Customer] can have multiple [Pets], and an [Invoice] may have multiple [Pets] per [Customer]).

Hope this helps to get you going!