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How to return a formula result into a number field

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I have a Lookup field called "Last Update" linked to a Last Modified Time field. I have created a formula that return minutes of difference between my "Last Update" field and the actual datetime.

I would like to return this value into another field that is not a formula (maybe i'll use a number or a single line field).

Can someone help me to do this ?

Thank you !

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Do you want to copy the formula result to an editable field? Can you post annotated screen shots?

Have you tried using an automation with an “update record” action? Note that you might have to play around with the automation trigger to avoid having the automation run too soon. 

Yes that's what I want. I've started with an autmation and I think i am in a good way.


Ok so i can't use "update record" because i want to update 2 records at the same time and "update record" can't receive a list of record...

I try with a script