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4 - Data Explorer

Hi can you please help me return the value "qc" from this "inventory tags column"

this formula doesn't seem to work. Thank you!

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9 - Sun
9 - Sun

Hello @biaviera 

Check this base and copy it into your airtable.


Image is attached just for reference.



IF(REGEX_MATCH({inventory tags}, "qc"), REGEX_EXTRACT({inventory tags}, "qc"), BLANK())



Your formula is comparing the long text field {inventory tags} with the specific text string "qc". Because you are using the = operator, the formula is checking if the entire value of the {inventory tags} field matches the text string "qc", which it does not because there are other letters in the {inventory tags} field.

Instead, you probably want to check if the {inventory tags} contains the word "qc". There are multiple ways of doing this. One way is to use REGEX_MATCH as dilipborad suggested. You could also use the FIND() or SEARCH() functions. (Some users think FIND() and SEARCH() are easier to understand than the REGEX functions.) They are documented in the Formula Field Reference.

For example


  FIND("qc", {Inventory Tags}),
  "pending for qc"




@kuovonne You're right. 👍

Use of FIND() and SEARCH() is more easier as compare to REGEX.