How Use filterByFormula with Apple Shortcuts? URL via CURL Works. URL via Shortcuts: TABLE NOT FOUND

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4 - Data Explorer

Dear Airtable + Apple Shortcuts Mavens,

N00B, here with a N00B question.

Using Airtable's API Encoder, I crafted a GET URL with filterByFormula.

curl "[Redacted]/Items_Table?filterByFormula=%22%7BItem%7D%3D'D123'%22" -H "Authorization: Bearer [redacted]"

The resultant URL works fine in CURL.

When I store the URL (minus the Authorization bit) as an element in a DataJar Dictionary like this:[Redacted]/Items_Table?filterByFormula=%22%7BItem%7D%3D'D123'%22

Shortcuts fails with a TABLE NOT FOUND diagnostic message.

HOWEVER, when I store the URL as an element in a DataJar Dictionary like this:[Redacted]/Items_Table

The query works fine. The Table is found...except, of course, it returns all entries in the Items_Table, not restricted to item 'D123'.

  • Baffled, I am.

Any ideas? Suggestions? 

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide on this matter.




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