IF "Right Now" is between a [Date/Time #1] and [Date/Time #2] THEN do this

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’ll preface this with a “Key” that gives context to my field types and field names.

[Date #1] = “Start Time” Date Field (set to GMT)
[Date #2] = “End Time” Date Field (set to GMT)
[Stream URL] = URL Field

I’m trying to make an IF() statement in a formula field that would reveal the [Stream URL] if the current point in time (down to minutes or seconds, I don’t care which) is after [Date #1] and before [Date #2]…otherwise, reveal the text “No Stream Available”

I have tried things like this and come up short"

      {Start Time}
      {End Time}
  {Stream URL},
  "No Stream Available"

Help would be appreciated :pray:

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Try something like this:
IF(AND({Start Time} < NOW(), {End Time} > NOW(),{Stream URL}, 'No Stream Available')

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thank you Kamille! That (logic) suggestion helped me connect some dots on some other things I was working on. However, it doesn’t work for this issue.

This is really tough for me to figure out how to ask the question using my limited understanding of formula lingo.

I just want to make an IF() statement that compares NOW() (as in right now down to the minute or second—Universal Time Code) to the {Start Time} and the {End Time}, which are both [Date] fields with 12h time in GMT.

That’s another thing that’s fuzzy to me. I’m not sure how NOW() works. It is lumped in with TODAY() in the “formula reference” page. Does NOW() only change at 12:00am with the turnover of the day? Or can you make NOW() mean “right now” —whatever timezone you’re in—or go off UTC—etc.?

IF the time is between {Start Time} and {End Time}, THEN I want {This Field} [formula type] to display a URL, OTHERWISE I want {This Field} to say “No Stream Available”

Does that make sense? Anyone else have suggestions or schooling for me? :winking_face: