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IF SWITCH formula not working- what am I doing wrong!?

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I’m guessing there’s a syntax error here… I can get the formula to save if I copy a sample formula that includes 3 or 4 arguments, but as soon as I add more, I get an error when trying to save.


{Ticket Total} > 0,
“2021-09-11”, “PIT”,
“2021-09-18”, “MAR”,
“2021-10-02”, “PHL”,
“2021-10-30”, “MD”,
"2021-11-06”, “PAS”,
"2021-11-20”, “SD”,
"2021-12-04”, “DEN”,
"2021-12-18”, “SJ”,
"2022-01-01”, “AUS”

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Check your formula for curly quotes (“ ”) and make sure they are all straight quotes (")

That’s it! Thank you so much!