If unique ID matches number in colum change staus to complete

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I’m trying to work out a formula that

When number of ID’s in ‘ID’ colum matches number in ‘how many in household’ change status of ‘Household’ to complete.

I then plan on triggering a webhook which I think I understand how to do.

Picture for reference included

Screenshot 2022-05-09 110620

Many thanks,

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I don’t think this is possible via a formula I’m afraid. I think the cleanest way to accomplish what you’re looking for would probably be to convert the “ID” column into a link field to a new table, and then use a count field to get the number of times it appears. You’d create the “How many in household” field in the new table as well for said comparison.

Hi Adam, isn’t this Just replicating what i’ve already got in a new table? I was hoping there was some way of using IF ‘ID’ appears as many times as number in ‘how many in household’ then change status to ‘complete’ Worth mentioning that ‘how many in household’ number will always appear on the same row as the first ‘ID’

Hey Lou, hm, well you’d end up with a new “ID” table that would have each person as a link, and you’d be able to use the count field to get the number of times the ID appeared

I think what you’re looking to do isn’t possible via a formula I’m afraid. There are people way more experienced than I in the forum though and I’m happy to be proven wrong!

Thanks Adam, i’ll keep reserching and let you know if I come up with anything