If writer = seth than pay .10 per word, If writer = Jamie than pay .15 per word

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

What it says on the tin.

Different authors make different amounts, I’d love to add this kind of conditional logic based on what we’re entering in the “numbers” field, and have those prices automatically calculated in the sheet.

Ideally, I would also be able to hide the formula and have it entered in the currency field so I can later filter by author later and have it automatically populate the total at the bottom of the table, but I won’t get picky.

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Have a look here:

You’ll want to follow this same general pattern of having a “Pay Schedule” table, just modified a bit to match your schema of “Writers” rather than “Sales Associates”.

Thank you so much @Jeremy_Oglesby!

I think I’m more confused than before though :grimacing:

Unfortunately I’m a bit too tied up w/ work at the moment to dive into an explanation.

In the spirit of Airtable’s DIY mission, here are some concepts to read about that are important for building a solid database in Airtable, and in particular to meet your use-case:

:point_up:t2: – those are pretty targeted at key concepts. Here are a couple full-scale guides that might be helpful in just wrapping your head around what’s possible with Airtable when your base is designed well:

you might want to just breeze through this beginner’s guide

and then move on to this more advanced one