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Is there any way to display the date of an entry as a single select?

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I’m currently manually entering labels for all dated entries so I have a single select with Sept 2017, Oct 2017 etc

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What are you trying to achieve? single select the month/year? single select dates like 7/25/18?
If you only want to have a field with month/year of record create date, you can use a formula.

I currently have a date for each entry, next to the entry I would like an automatic “Month/Year”

So… 26/07/2018 and in the next cell automatically… “July 2018” so I can easily group entries together by their month.

I think @Polen means what do you want to achieve with that “July 2018” field. Do you want to Group or filter? To count records from the same month? And so on…

You could use a Formula field with DATETIME_FORMAT() to get the string you want from the Date, but if you want to have a SingleSelect, you have to create the values of the months manually.

Thanks, the more I look at it a single select isn’t vital. The being able to group and filter is more important. I hate to be ignorant but could you explain how I use the DATETIME_FORMAT() formula?