Link tables with limit records to a view option not working

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, from a booking days main table, I create a view for records filtered on the next day called D+1. Then, I create a "Tomorrow" table with one single row linked to the main table to make a summary by rollups of certain datas : clients list, quantities, and so on. For this link field, I choose the option "limit selected records to a view", which is the D+1 view. So I guess I’m just going to summarize the D+1 view filtered records, but... No ! The rollups summarize the ENTIRE main table without taking into account the view filter !

I am not looking for a solution because I have already found others but I do not understand what the "limit selected records to a view" option is usefull for since this limit is not taken into account by rollups. Any ideas ?

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In my experience, the option you're referring to has limited use cases - that said, it does become a nicety to have when you realise it's there for the limited things it's useful for, but it's next to useless for the majority of work I tend to throw Link Fields.

What most users are after when they see this "Limit record selection to a view" option is the ability for pre-field filters to filter their selection options, which unfortunately this feature doesn't do.