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I would like to achieve something that seems basic but i can’t find a solution.
I have a table of contacts, another table of companies and of third one of projets.
I link a contact to a company and a company to a specific project. I have several contacts for each company and i would like to link a project to a specific contact. I obviously can link the project to a contacts but i would like to only be able to select someone from the company in charge of the project. At this point i can pic any contact. I know that we can make a condition on a specific view but the view as to be “dynamic”. I don’t want to manually create a view for each company.
Thanks for your healp!

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Unfortunately, that is not a feature in Airtable at the current time.

You might be able to hack it together with the extremely clever workaround at the link below, although note that this workaround only works flawlessly if you have a predefined list of companies & contacts ahead of time. (For additional companies & contacts, you’d have to manually link them to the “Control Table”.) And this workaround depends on only one person adding a new project at any given time.

Otherwise, beyond this, you’d have to suggest this as a feature request in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category.