Linking Outlook Calendar meetings to automatically update Last Meeting field in another table

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4 - Data Explorer

I've been trying to automate my CRM to automatically update the date of my last interaction with someone by linking my Outlook calendar meetings to records of people in my "People" table and then have the most recent meeting date show up in the People table under "Last Interaction".

I tried adding a People column in the Outlook calendar table linked to the People Table with a lookup record to search for the contact in the attendees list based on their Primary Email but it's not pulling the people.

Ultimately, I am trying to have the Calendar table search for the attendees based on their email in the People table, then update the records for the associated contacts column for "Last Interaction" in the People table.

Any ideas on how to link the tables and automatically update the date of our last meeting without having to manually add the attendees?

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Hm, if I'm understanding you right, you've got a table with Outlook calendar meetings, where one of the fields is a comma separated list of emails

Each of these emails corresponds to a record in the "People" table, and you would like the "Last Interaction" time updated to match the time of the Outlook calendar meeting

If my understanding is correct, the simplest option would be to use an automation and the "Run a script" action to handle this for you

If this isn't an option, I think you'd need to create an automation that would create records in another table per attendee's email by pasting a unique comma separated value into a linked field.  You would then have another automation that would trigger based on each newly created record, and its action would be to find the appropriate record in the "People" table and update it accordingly

Hi Adam_TheTimeSav,

Yes I am trying to have my People table update with the last time I met with someone based on my meetings in my Outlook calendar table.  This is to avoid manually entering the last time I interacted with a contact and automate the interactions.

I tried linking the contact name from the people table based on a lookup formula that would look up the emails in the attendees column and match them with the contact name but it was not catching them.  Likely because the attendees contain multiple emails which need to be separated as you've pointed out.  It sounds like I have to create a unique record of each meeting with the attendees broken out line by line for the same meeting and then match them that way?


Any ideas on a script? Coding is not in my skill set.

> It sounds like I have to create a unique record of each meeting with the attendees broken out line by line for the same meeting and then match them that way?
Yeah that's right.  Here's an example base of mine to give you an idea of how to do it

The example works by:
1. Having an automation that finds the relevant template records and pastes them into a specific text field
2. Having a formula field that will format it into a unique comma separated list of values
3. Having another automation that will then paste the values from the previous point into a linked field, forcing multiple record creation

> Any ideas on a script?
You'd probably need to hire someone to do it for you I'm afraid.  If you have time to spare JavaScript's an alright language to learn, and if you're comfortable with Excel formulas and the like you'll be pretty comfortable I reckon