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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Everyone,

How can I arrange chronologically a Month Field (Primary Field also) which is group and has this format 'MONTH YEAR'  ?

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Airtable  does not have a field that contains only a month and year.

Here are some workarounds.
- Use a date field, and enter all dates as the first of the month.

- If you have a date field elsewhere that you are trying to match, use a formula field that truncates the date to the first of the month.  DATETIME_PARSE(MONTH({Date}) & "/1/" & YEAR({Date}),   "M/D/YYYY")

- Use a single-select field. Values will sort in the order they are defined for the field. However, adding new months and years will require adding them to the field configuration.

- Use a single line text field, but add a prefix to get things to sort correctly, such as the numeric year followed by the numeric month, then the spelled out month. For example, "2024-01 | January 2024"