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Need help with if formula with multiple options

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I need quite help with a formula. Currently, my formula is as follows which says If FIELD A = “Hubspot Invoice”, then use Field B to populate cell, otherwise use field C.

currently, my formula is IF({FIELD A)}=“HubSpot Invoice”, {FIELD B}, {FIELD C)})

however, I’d like it to say if “FIELD A = HUBSPOT INVOICE” OR FIELD A = “ZOHO INVOICE”, Field B to populate cell, otherwise use field C.

How do i capture the two conditions in the If field?

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Hi @Sahil_Mehta,
This should do it for you


Be careful of the text case, in one example you have Upper case and in another you have Lower case. If the options are a drop down, enter them exactly as they are in the drop down.