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NESTED IF AND OR Formula help

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Hey,I am looking for some help with a formula I am working on.

I’m trying to achieve the below statement.

IF {role} = “HOT” OR “BUS” AND {payment method}= “Checkout”, then ({Total Payment Received}*0.0275+0.75) ELSE 0

THE {role} within my formula is a “linked” field so I am unsure if that is causing an issue?

Any help would be really appreciated.


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HI @Harrison_Jones - this is what you need:

    OR({role} = 'BUS', {role} = 'HOT'),
    {payment method}= 'Checkout'
  ({Total Payment Received} * 0.0275) + 0.75,

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 19.01.00.png

Format the formula column to be integer or decimal as you require.


JB you are a HERO!!!
Thank you so much.