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Nested IF Concatenate

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Hi. I would appreciate help with the following:

I have the fields Country (required field), Region and Title. I need to concatenate these fields in different ways depending on which fields are filled.

-If just Region is filled then Region, Country
-If just Title is filled then Country- ‘Title’
-If both Region and Title are filled then Region, Country- ‘Title’
-If neither are filled then Country

Thank you in advance for any help.


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Accepted Solutions
IF({Region}, {Region} & ", ", "") &
{Country} &
IF({Title}, "- '" & {Title} & "'", "")

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IF({Region}, {Region} & ", ", "") &
{Country} &
IF({Title}, "- '" & {Title} & "'", "")

Amazing! Thank you so much @Kamille_Parks!!