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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Thank you Airtable team! I love the new Formular formatting you have implemented. It really helps, when writing longer and complex formulas!

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For people’s reference: hitting enter will autofill a field name or function, hitting Shift+Enter will add a new line.

Kamille, how nice of Airtable to release this new formula editor on a Thursday!

I love the bracket matching, multi-line formulas, and auto-indenting. Indenting/outdenting with tabs does not work on my tablet. I’ll have to try on a computer.

Sure is nice!

Using tab to indent (Shift+Tab to outdent) worked for me on desktop/web-app

Great! Now I really need to get to a computer.
Meanwhile, on my tablet, I get this funky little keyboard icon. I can’t figure out what it does.

Most of this editor doesn’t work on my iPad, including trying to drag the cursor around.