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New to Airtable Formulas…

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Hi Community, formulas seem like a bit of a dark art to me so I have no idea where to start, tried a few things but getting nowhere fast!

I have what I think is a basic formula to write involving commission percentage amounts etc.

So a Price, a percentage commission amount of the Price paid to me, the remainder paid to the third party.

So for example, item is £1500 less 40%, £600 to me, £900 to third party. Percentage will be a variable.

Looks pretty straightforward here but not sure how to implement in Airtable. I have attached a screen grab of the relevant fields. The first row has been manually entered to show what I want the formula to do!

Any help greatly appreciated, thank you.

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 12.48.32

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@Chris_Witham This is what you are looking for:


Notice that Expenses and Profit are formula fields.

I did a few things to do this:

  1. I set the Commission Rate field to a percent as that is the value that you are entering.
  2. I set the Expenses field (Paid to 3rd Party) to the following formula: Price * ( 1 - {Commission Rate})
  3. I set the Profit formula to the following: Price * {Commission Rate}
  4. I set the formatting on both the expenses and profit to be currency to match the proper type.

I hope all of this makes sense! It should be relatively simple to implement. The thing to remember with formulas is to make sure you pass in the proper type. You were probably really close, it’s just that since your commission rate was a number rather than a percent, you would have had to divide by 100 in your formula.

@pcbowers you are a legend! Thank you so much for the most excellent explanation, I am going to implement now!



@pcbowers Done and dusted, works a treat! Thank you for your help, much appreciated, it was driving me mad!