Number of working days between two dates (without weekends)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I’m trying to solve the following problem:
I have created a table which has 2 columns {DATE FROM} and {DATE TO}}. The third one I have is called {WORKING DAYS}, so that one should show a number of working days between selected dates (from and to).

The problem I’m having is that I cannot calculate number of working days between them (without weekends), I can just get all days, which is not useful for me in this case…

Is there any chance to solve it?

WORKDAY() function doesn’t help, since it just creates a due date when I enter parameters.

I could solve my issue, if there are for loop, for each, or any other loop functions in the functions menu.

Thank you

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That’s an awesome solution. Thanks very much!

Also looking for a solution like this! (like McKenna_Johnson)

I have used this formula with the following dates however, the outcome was not as expected.

WORKDAY_DIFF({Date Received}, {Date Completed})*24
Date Received = 16/7/2021 10:23am
Date Complete = 20/7/2021 10:23am

The result should had been 48 but instead I got 72. Can you please advise why?