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Hey, im trying to get the end result to change based on the input from the other inputs, I’ve currently got a simple version of this where it ticks if everything is signed off and if not then X but what I want is some form of hierarchy. e.g if everyone says they are signed off but one is blocked then the main status is blocked… similar if all are signed off but one in progress and one back burner then the status is back burner. Is this possible :slightly_smiling_face: ?

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You can combine conditions with the IF, AND, and OR functions in your formula field.

I’m making some guesses here about what you want when people could be blocked while others are in progress or back burner. However, this should give you a general idea.

If this answers your question, please mark this post as the solution. Otherwise, could you please give a bit more details and a screen capture?

    {Design} = "Blocked",
    {UI/UX} = "Blocked",
    {Art} = "Blocked",
    {Client} = "Blocked",
    {Backend} = "Blocked",
    {QA} = "Blocked"
      {Design} = "Back Burner",
      {UI/UX} = "Back Burner",
      {Art} = "Back Burner",
      {Client} = "Back Burner",
      {Backend} = "Back Burner",
      {QA} = "Back Burner"
    "Back Burner",
        {Design} = "In Progress",
        {UI/UX} = "In Progress",
        {Art} = "In Progress",
        {Client} = "In Progress",
        {Backend} = "In Progress",
        {QA} = "In Progress"
      "In Progress",
          OR({Design} = "Signed Off", {Design} = "Not Needed"),
          OR({UI/UX} = "Signed Off", {UI/UX} = "Not Needed"),
          OR({Art} = "Signed Off", {Art} = "Not Needed"),
          OR({Client} = "Signed Off", {Client} = "Not Needed"),
          OR({Backend} = "Signed Off", {Backend} = "Not Needed"),
          OR({QA} = "Signed Off", {QA} = "Not Needed"),