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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am creating a base for a bar which has registered members coming in to order drinks every evening. I have created a table for recording the various members’ tabs. This tab has to record the details of each member’s drinks consumed/ordered on that particular day.

My challenge now is effectively recording the quantity of the drinks. Especially when a member orders the same drink more than once. The drinks are listed on a separate table which is connected to the ‘Tab’ table through a link field. Now when a particular drink is selected once, it cannot be selected again. Also, in the event that the buyer orders more than one type of drink, recording the quantity bought for each type is proving hard to do.

Any thoughts as to how to go about it?


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Hi @Sydney_Oduro - what you want here is a “Tab Items” table. Tab Items is linked to Tabs and also linked to Drinks (Drinks would not need to be linked to Tabs in this set up, just Tab Items). Then, each time a person orders a drink, they get a new record in Tab Items (with quantity for that order). If they order the same drink again later on it gets a new record/row in Tab Items, so the drink is available to be selected again from the linked field to Drinks.

From your screenshot, Drink, Quantity and Price would all move from the Tabs table to the Tab Items table. The Amount Owed could be a rollup field of all of the linked Tab Item records.