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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I’m writing with a question on how to set up a REGEX Extract. I assume it should be relatively straightforward but as a beginner I’m finding myself out of my depth. Any help would be appreciated!

Goal: Extract a SKU number from a Webflow Ecommerce string.

String Example: count: 1 height: 0 length: 0 productId: 618573ee195d39c0e1ba4199 productName: Test Board productSlug: test-board rowTotal: {‘unit’: ‘USD’, ‘value’: 100, ‘string’: ‘$\xa01\xa0USD’} variantId: 618573ee82825fd59dc4b5bc variantImage: {‘fileId’: ‘6181a0f79b29435921241715’, ‘url’: ‘’, ‘alt’: None} variantName: Test Board variantPrice: {‘unit’: ‘USD’, ‘value’: 100, ‘string’: ‘$\xa01\xa0USD’} variantSKU: A123 variantSlug: test-board weight: 0 width: 0

Data I want after “variantSKU:” - A123

I’ve already tried this formula but only saw “variantSKU:” returned, not the data I actually want “A123”

REGEX_EXTRACT({Purchased Item},"variantSKU: ")

Thanks in advance!

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