Replacing NaN with Blank (purely for visual purposes)

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone,

I have a “Days Remaining” formula in a Project Management Task View, and the formula looks like this: DATETIME_DIFF({Due Date}, TODAY(), ‘days’)…

Naturally, if the “Due Date” cell is empty, the “Days Remaining” cell shows “NaN”…

Is there anything I can add into the formula to make the “NaN” disappear, in other words, be replaced with a Blank cell? It’s purely for visual purposes…

I’ve tried to add “BLANK()” into the formula, but that didn’t seem to change it so I must be doing it wrong. DATETIME_DIFF({Due Date}, TODAY(), ‘days’, BLANK())…


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Wrap the formula in an IF function and omit the third argument (the ‘else’ part).

IF( {Due Date},
  DATETIME_DIFF({Due Date}, TODAY(), 'days')

Amazing. Thank you, @kuovonne