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Require counter to be displayed for upvote/downvote

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Hi team,

Building a similar clone as to the Producthunt upvote feature. I would like to know how I can use the counter in airtable fields. As in when the user clicks on the Frontend the counter should get updated on the frontend as well as the record/database.

Also a limitation in doing this the following way

is one can vote only through submitting the form. Thats, not the whole idea if I just wish to upvote the content I needn’t fill the whole submission form for it.

Any suggestion would be helpful here


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Hi @Almas_Sayyed ,

The best I think is to send in the frontend the sum of votes you receive while each vote has to be a separate record. In that case you also need to create a condition that will check if the vote will be included in the calculation since when user downvote.

I am not sure if this is the best option you have but it could work.

That’s some complex workaround not so sure as the frontend UI should note the click . And also it’s not like a button/CTA click. Thanks for looking into this @Dimitris_Goudis