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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all!

I am currently working on a base in which our staff members will be able to fill out their weekly timesheets. I live in Canada and here the standard hours of work is set to 8 hours in a day and 40 hours in a week.

In our company, the standard hours of work for a week is set to 35 hours. Any worked time that goes between 70 and 80 at the end of each Pay Period (2 weeks) is put in a bank. I can't figure out how to properly sum those hours without creating an astronomical amount of fields so I need your help.

In my base (which is in French) I have 6 tables :

  • Feuilles de temps (=Timesheetswhich is linked to Pay Periods, People, Days and Projects
  • Périodes de paie (=Pay Periodswhich is linked to Timesheets, People, and Weeks
  • Personnes (=Peoplewhich is linked to Timesheets and Pay Periods
  • Semaines (=Weekswhich is linked to Pay Periods and Days
  • Jours de la semaine (=Dayswhich is linked to Timesheets and Weeks
  • Missions (=Projectswhich is linked to Timesheets

Here's what I've done so far in order to sum the extra hours in a bank :

  • In Pay Periods, I've created multiple fields to sum the hours worked by every team member (which is already a lot)in Week 1 and Week 2 of every Pay Periods. In that base, I have a formula field that calculates the number of hours to put in the employee's bank.

Capture d’écran, le 2024-07-08 à 15.31.28.png

  • In People,  I've created a rollup field for each staff member to sum the hours that would need to be put in their respective bank of hours (=Banque d'heures). 

Capture d’écran, le 2024-07-08 à 15.45.45.png

Here's my question : considering my workflow, is there any way to sum the banked hours per staff member in one rollup field - let's say with some kind of complex formula - or do I have to create a rollup field for each staff member and use filters to collect the right data?

Here's the link to my base : 



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in Timesheets table add lookup of 'Heures amettre en banque' from Pay Periods table
in Personnes, add rollup SUM(values) of this lookup.