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I would like to add a column that contain code based on fields.
This is the code with the field names inserted. But how would I get airtable to pull those fields and write out this code?

<a href=“Instructors page Link”>name
Date Range Friendly
Time slots

Thanks to all of you that help us undereducated

Amy Brakeman Livezey
March 25-27, 2021
$325.00/3-day workshop

Results in Screenshot 2020-06-17 13.59.57

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It didn’t copy my code correctly but basically a break between each field.

Hi there! If I’m understanding correctly, you’ll want your code to look something like this…

"<a href=\"" & {Instructors page Link} & "\">" & {Name} & "</a>" & "\n" & {medium} & "\n" & {Date Range Friendly} & "\n" & {Time Slots} & "\n" & {Bottomline}

However… if you’re trying to eventually output this in HTML, which it appears you are… you’ll want to replace each "\n" with "<br>". "\n" will give you a line break in Airtable, whereas "<br>" will give you a line break in HTML.

Hope this is helpful! :slightly_smiling_face:

not working do all fields have to be a text field or can they be multi-select?

The fields can be multi-select. It should return the options in a comma-separated list.

What exactly isn’t working? Is something displaying incorrectly?