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Rollup or Formula to take FIRST record added to a Linked Record Field

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Hello! So I’ve found a formula before for pulling the most recent record added to a Linked Record Field, but I now find myself needing to pull out the FIRST record added.

Basically, I have a Market Research base with a Table of Titles. There is a field there called “Seen at” that links to second Table of Events, showing every time we’ve seen that title exhibited. I want to add a rollup or formula that takes the linked record that was the first added to that field and puts it in a new field called “Discoverd at.”

Anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

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Assuming there is a Date attached to each Event:

Follow the example shown in this video: BuiltOnAir Podcast Season 8 Episode 2

Essentially, you’ll be adding a Formula and a Rollup field to the Titles table to get the minimum/earliest date, and a Lookup and Formula field to the Events table to see if that event contains the earliest date for the linked title. Then your {Discovered At} field would use the conditional toggle to only show the name of the Event where the Formula field is “true” for it being matching earliest date.

@Kamille_Parks Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in this case because multiple titles could be discovered at the same event.

There could be up to 15 titles linked to each event, so adding a field to the Event Table called “First” with yes or nos wouldn’t work because it would be various answers - see screenshots below where I tried to work it out.



Maybe there is another field I could add? Or some way to get the record to recognize whether one of the dates in the “First Date Discovered (From Titles)” matches the “Date” field in the Event Table?

In this case you may need to use an Automation to run when an Events table record’s {Titles} field is not empty (meaning someone added a title to this for the first time).

Then the Automation will update the linked Title record’s {Discovered At} field (which in this method would be a single line text field, probably) with the name of the trigger record.