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Roundup function in an IF statement

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I am attempting to write an equation but I cannot get Airtable to do what I want. What I am asking is that if “Total Time Worked” is greater than or equal to 7 hours and 45 minutes to round it up to 8 hours. However if “Total Time Worked” is less than 7 hours and 45 minutes do nothing and leave as is. I am trying to calculate this for payout purposes at work and making sure that anyone working at least 7:45 gets a full 8 hours but anyone working 7:44 hours or less simply gets paid for the time they worked.

This is what I wrote: IF({Total Time Worked} >= 7.75, ROUNDUP(7.75,0))

What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Problem here is once this equation is entered what Airtable is now doing is round all hours above 7.5 to 8.

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You don’t have an ‘else’ part to that IF() statement. The ‘else’ is optional — except in your case, you need two branches:

    {Total Time Worked}>=7.75,
    {Total Time Worked}

I bet you have the formula field formatted as an integer. :winking_face:

(I didn’t catch it at first, either – I had to enter it into Airtable to figure out how it failed.)

Thank you for your reply! What should I have it set as? I have it set as a decimal for the formatting. Still even with the equation you’ve provided me it is rounding anything above 7:30 to 8.

Double-check how the formula field is formatted. If it’s set to an integer, 7.5 will show as 8. If it’s set as a decimal with a precision of at least 1.0 it will show as 7.5. (A decimal with a precision of 1 is an integer.)

I do have my formatting set as Decimal with the precision of 1.0 and still getting everything set to 8. I have one person who worked 7:41 and one person who worked 7:49 and with the equation plugged in it is giving both of these individuals 8 hours.

What type of field is {Total Time Worked}?

{Total Time Worked} is a formula field with the equation: DATETIME_DIFF({Shift End},{Start Shift})

Ah… That is giving you the time in seconds. Try

DATETIME_DIFF({Shift End},{Start Shift})/3600

From the help center description of DATETIME_DIFF():

Returns the difference between datetimes in specified units. Default units are seconds. (See list of unit specifiers here.)

Okay so I have it set up like this. I have total time worked with lunch as: DATETIME_DIFF({Shift End},{Start Shift}) then I have total time worked as: ({Total Time worked with lunch}-{Lunch Time}). THEN I have this last cell labeled Realized time as: IF({Total Time Worked}>=7.75,ROUNDUP(7.75,0),{Total Time Worked}).

Sorry I misspoke my last reply

when I added the /3600 to the end of the equation it made my calculated time of 7:41 to 00:00.

In that case, I’m guessing {Total Time Worked} is formatted as a duration, not a number. It’s the same issue: durations also default to seconds. In either case, you’re comparing ~27,900 to 7.75: It’s always going to round up.

If you want to keep {Total Time Worked} as a duration — which makes sense, as it will display in h:mm format — but your calculated (rounded up) hours to be decimal, your formula needs to be

    {Total Time Worked}>=7.75*3600,
    {Total Time Worked}/3600

(Or you could always just replace ROUNDUP(7.75,0) with 8.)

Alternatively, if you want both {Total Time Worked} and the calculated field to be durations, you need

    {Total Time Worked}>=7.75*3600,
    {Total Time Worked}

OMG it worked! Thank you so much. If you were here I could almost kiss you! I have been stuck trying to do this for almost 24 hours and you’ve helped me so much. A thousand time over thank you W_Vann_Hall!