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4 - Data Explorer

hi, I’m new to airtable and not much of a techy person so even when I read some of the comments for how to do a running total, I’m still so lost…
I’m trying to create a monthly roll up to see how much money I should have at the end of each month but rolling up from the last month total. I am able to get as far as getting the Income - Expenses = Total but I tried using Previous Row function to get last row total to try to add it to next month’s total but it tells me it causes a circular reference.
Or is there a way to add last month’s total with this month’s income? I’m at my end on trying to get a running total. HELP anyone…
here is the view of the table… I need the previous row to be the last column roll up. I can’t set it up since it gives me circular error so only been able to use Delta for previous row to test it but it’s not the right value I need for the running total. how can I get the last column to be the running total?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi @B11 ,

You should take the last Field (Total Remaining) in the Previous Row Delta instead of the Delta field. This way it will give you the correct number.

Airtable cannot do running totals with just formula fields. There are some extremely complex systems for doing rollups that were created a few years ago, but they do not scale well, can slow down your base, and are no longer recommended.

Instead, I suggest you look into the scripting. There is a running total example script.